My name is Cheryl Hutchinson and SYMDIY is my project. 

Digital Marketing

I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant and I help businesses grown online.

I’m all about delivering great results for my clients. My work is proactive, reliable, outstanding, useful, and dedicated.

In other words, I do work I’m proud of rather than work I can bill and forget. I focus on delivering outcomes rather than just showing activity.

My core competencies are content strategy, SEO, and market analytics. I’m also tech savvy and can build Joomla and WordPress sites from the ground up.

My experience ranges from helping plucky little startups to major Fortune 100 companies. Entrepreneurs inspire me. 

I created this site to share what I’ve learned and help businesses grow.. 

Target Audience: Entrepreneurs

My goal is to offer a road map for creating your online business, start to finish.

Whether you want to do-it-yourself or to learn more so you can hire great help, this site is for you.

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